How to Crochet A Velvet Scrunchie With Video Tutorial!

Today I would love to show you how to create a velvet scrunchie! These can be made with any type of yarn. But I love the velvet it is soooo soft! For this project, I used Bernat Velvet Yarn. This yarn is one of my favorites… well maybe I say that every time but this one is definitely in the running for a favorite!

I have made these for friends and teen girls in the church. They are a big hit! Apparently the scrunchie had a comeback sometime recently… who would have guessed? I hope you enjoy the pattern! And there is a video tutorial as well! That’s right I have made my You Tube debut! I hope you will click on it and see!

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Materials Needed

Bernat Velvet Yarn

Hook Size H


Yarn Needle

Pack of Elastic Hair Ties


Sc- Single Crochet

Dc- Double Crochet

Ch- Chain


Row 1: Take your hair tie and place a single crochet into it. Sc around the entire hair tie. This will be about 30 single crochets. At the end of the row, join to the beginning sc and chain 1.

Row 2: Place 3 dc in each of the single crochets around the hair tie. The 3 double crochets will create a ruffle. Do this around the entire hair tie.

At the end, finish off.

For a Video Tutorial Click Below!

Tuck in all loose ends and that is it!

These are super easy and fun and you could complete a few in one sitting!

What do you think? Will you try this scruchie? I would love to hear!

Happy Crochet!


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