Join Me In My Crafty Journey

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Hello and welcome!  I have been “hooked”  crochet since the age of 8 when my grandmother taught me my first granny square.  Crochet projects and balls of yarn have followed me around my whole life.  I crocheted through my childhood with blankets, sleeping bags, and clothes for my dolls.  I crocheted through college between studying and hanging out with friends.  I found a way to work on my favorite craft when we moved overseas with the Army to Germany, where I would stuff yarn in my suitcase on trips home.   When my husband later deployed to Iraq for a year, I crocheted all kinds of items for my new son.  Crochet has been my favorite hobby for years.  I also enjoy all kinds of other crafts as well.  But, I inevitably am wooed back to the yarn isle at Walmart, or Hobby Lobby or wherever else I happen to land.  So, if like me you have yarn under your bed, in your closets and in your car, you’ve come to the right place!  I will be posting crochet projects of my own and other tips and tricks about my favorite hobby.  And, some other craftiness will probably be thrown in there as well!