How to Crochet a Scrunchie

Everything that is new is old right? Do you remember the scrunchie? Surprisingly, it is a new trend again. Did you know that high school kids are wearing scrunchies in their hair and on their wrists? Apparently it is also a trend to give your scrunchies to friends and other “significant others” to wear! I am kind of surprised it is back but I guess I shouldn’t be!

Anyways, I have been making scrunchies for my teen helpers with Sunday School. They are easy and fun to make and the kids actually like them!

You could do a lot with the scrunchie. You could make it in several different colors and also with fun yarn like fur or pom pom. This would be fun to try as a scrunchie:

Anyways… on to the pattern!

Materials Needed

For this scrunchie pattern, you will need the following:

Yarn: I used Crochet Hook: H

Yarn Needle

Elastic Bands- I used these

Abbreviations Used

Sc- Single Crochet

Sl st- Slip Stitch

Ch- Chain


Start with your hair band.

Row 1: Sl st into the band. Sc 32 sc around the hair band. Join at the first sc. Ch 1.

Row 2: Dc 3 dc in each sc around the scrunchie. Join to the first dc at the end. Ch. 1.

Row 3: Dc 3 dc in each dc from the last row. At the end, join to the first dc. Finish off.

And that is it! You have a nice fluffy scrunchie! Do you think you will make these? They would make great stocking stuffers, this time of year!

Happy Crochet!

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