How to Crochet a Simple Cup Cozy and Add a Decal

Today I want to show you how I crochet this super cute and super easy coffee cup cozy. This one is going to be for fall. It is getting closer now! Maybe you have a friend in mind you want to give a fun crochet gift to or maybe it is for yourself! I love to use the orange yarn in the fall. And candy corn is always great on fall projects! So here is my simple cozy. Let me know if you try one out!


Red Hear Super Saver– Orange (or another color that you prefer)

Crochet Hook H

Yarn Needle


Note: This pattern is going to use what is called the waistcoat stitch. If that is too hard to figure out, you can always also use a basic sc stitch. Either stitch will work great for this project. The waistcoat stitch is worked by placing a regular single crochet in a different spot. It will be placed in the upside down “v” of the stitch instead of the top of the stitch. The change of the placement changes the whole look of the stitch!

Ch- Chain

Sc- Single Crochet


Ch 25. This can be adjusted for the size of your cup. If you have a smaller cup do less, a larger cup do more. I used my cup to make sure it was correct. I pulled my chain around my cup and made the chain until it was snug around but not too snug. As you add more stitches, this fabric will tighten up a little, so keep that in mind.

Row 1: Skip the first stitch next to the hook and single crochet across. At the end ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: For the second row you care going to crochet the waistcoat stitch. (See note above.) Complete the waistcoat stitch in every stitch across until you get to the end. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 3- 32: You will repeat row two for the rest of the project. Repeat until you reach the desired length. For my cup cozi, I completed 32 stitches. At the end, tie off the project and leave a long tail.

Take the yarn needle and thread it with the long tail of the project. Place the two ends together and whip stitch them together to seam the project shut. At the end, weave in all your ends for a nice finish!

At this point you can add a cute embellishment if you would like. I created these candy corn felties for this project! Click here to see these candy corn felties on Etsy!

Etsy Store:

So, what do you think? Are you starting to prep for fall projects? I would love to hear what you are working on!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I love old crochet patterns and I feel that all patterns should be free, if you take the time and spend the money for materials why should you have to pay for the patterns, we all have busy lives and we need to be encouraged to freely follow our hobbies in order to find a good work /relaxation balance.

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