How to Crochet a Hand Sanitizer Holder (No Snaps!) With Video Tutorial!

Are you needing a quick, easy project that you can have done in about an hour? Well, I have a great project for you! Right now you can make these fun hand sanitizer holders. They can hold a 2 ounce hand sanitizer. I have some pictures below of the types that this holder can hold. These would be great to clip onto kids backpacks for school or your purse.

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The hand sanitizer holders do not use much yarn, so they are a great scrap busting project. You could consider making some for yourself and some to donate to others. They are really easy to make. Here is the free pattern!

If you would rather watch this as a video tutorial, click here:


Red Heart Yarn (or any scraps you have)

Crochet Hook E

Hand Sanitizer (2 ounces)

Swivel Clasps (Optional)

Key Rings

Yarn Needles



Sc- Single Crochet

Dc- Double Crochet

Ch- Chain

Sl St- Slip Stitch

tr- Treble Crochet


Row 1: Ch 10. Join ch at the beginning. Do not turn.

Row 2: Sc 10 (1 sc into each ch). Join, ch 1.

Row 3: Sc 2 in first sc, 1 in next, sc 1 in next, sc 2 in next, sc in next, sc in next, 2 sc in next, sc in next, sc in next, sc 2 in last (14 total sc) join. Ch. 1.

Rows 4- 16: Sc around on each row. Join on each row and ch. 1.

Row 17: Ch 1, sc in first 7 stitches, leave the rest of the stitches unworked. Ch. 1, turn.

Rows 18- 26: Ch. 1, sc in 7 sc, ch. 1, turn.

Row 27: Sc in first 2 sc, chain three (this will make a loop for the holder), sc in the last 2 sc.

Row 28: Sc across. Finish off.

For the Strap

Row 1: Join at the top right corner of hand sanitizer holder to start the strap. Join with a sc, sc 2 more stitches. Ch. 1 turn.

Row 2- 18: Sc 3 across each row. At the end of row 18, finish off. Now is the time to add the split key ring, before you sew it to the other side. After you attach the split key ring, attach to the other side in the parallel corner as per photo. Next you can attach the swivel clasp, if you wanted that.

For the Flower

Row 1: Magic circle. Place 12 sc in the magic circle. Join to the first stitch.

Row 2: Switch to the blue yarn. Ch 1. Dc in first stitch, tr in next stitch, dc in next stitch, slip stitch in the same stitch again. Repeat the pattern in parentheses 3 more times. At the end, join to the first stitch and finish off.

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