Easy Crochet Swiffer Cover Pattern- Free

Well, here we are in week 5? or 6? of Coronavirus lockdown. We are able to go to the store now. But, we are trying to limit our trips out. I am try to be conscience of what I can make with items we have at home already. One of the items we seem to go through a lot, especially since we are all home all day, is Swiffer Pads. We also need more of the liquid refills so I am looking fo a DIY way to do these as well. But for today, I wanted to make a couple of the make your own Swiffer Covers for my Swiffer. These are super easy to make an do not take long! I just did a basic single crochet for the entire cover. So, it works up fast!

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Cotton Yarn- The one I used was not in stock on Amazon but here is a similar color:

Crochet Hook Size H

Yarn Needle



Sc- Single Crochet

Ch- Chain


Ch 15

Row 1: Sc in each ch across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2- 48: Sc in each across, ch 1, turn. Until the last row and finish off.

Now that you have the cloth done, it is time to sew it to fit around the Swiffer. Fold up the first 6 rows on each side and sew at the bottom and at the top with a yarn needle. After you finish, sew in all the ends. Now you can fit it over your Swiffer!

So, what do you think? Will you try this project? I would love to hear if you do!

Happy Crochet!

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