5 Ways to Get Really Cheap Yarn

If you are a crochetaholic like myself, you love yarn. I am always dreaming up a new project. We are not going to debate weather you should or should not have a yarn stash at your house here. Because, I am as guilty as anyone… So, if you are always looking for yarn, like me, I have some tips on places to get yarn for really cheap!

#1 Goodwill and Thrift Shops

I cannot tell you how many times I have found yarn at the thrift shop! A lot of times, it is fun yarns that I would not have tried out on my own. Recently, I went to Goodwill and was able to get a whole bag of yarn for $7.99. This bag had a ton of the fun fur in it. I have seen this yarn at Hobby Lobby and it is not cheap! I was so excited to get it to try out projects that I may not typically spring for. Also, at least at our Goodwill, they have tag day sales and discount days. They have a discount for military on Tuesday and a Senior Discount on Wednesday. I try to go on Tuesday since I can use my military ID from my husband being a retired soldier. Anyways, check out your thrift shops! You may be surprised what you find!

$7.99 at Goodwill!

#2 Facebook Market Place

I was not a quick adopter of Facebook. Which is funny because a year later, I use it every day. But, there have been some great features for crafters on Facebook. One is the Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is like an online garage sale of sorts. People post items for sale. You can sort the items, set up notifications when an item you are looking for pops up, and more. The good thing is that you can see their Facebook profile so, hopefully you can gauge if they are somewhat trustworthy. You also can see a seller’s rating. Of course, you have to use safety and common sense when meeting a stranger and bring someone with you. But, I have found some great deals on Marketplace for yarn, craft items and fabric. If you are on Facebook and are not using the Marketplace, it is at the bottom, on the mobile app. It is the third icon from the left that looks like a house.

#3 Clearance Sales at Walmart and other Stores

There are lots of stores that sell yarn. Always be on the lookout for a great deal! I look in the clearance section at Walmart. At my store, this is in a separate isle. There is usually also an end cap or area of sale yarn in the yarn section itself. I have found a lot of great deals in these two places. Recently, I was able to get some loopy yarn for a project, from Walmart, for $2.00 a package!

#4 Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!

Make sure if you venture out to any of the major stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann’s you have a coupon, or access to your phone! There are almost always 40% coupons on one item at each of these stores. Also, don’t forget to check if there is a sale if you can combine a coupon. Some coupons say something like 20% off entire purchase, including sale items. Make sure to check before you go so you can stretch your crafting budget even further!

# 5 Friends and Family

If your friends and family know you , they know you love yarn, or other craft supplies. Maybe they try out a craft and don’t like it. Be willing to take the extra items off their hands. Also, for gift giving, if family wants to know what you want, always mention gift cards for craft places or yarn! People want to buy things others like!

Bonus Idea

If you really like to craft or crochet or anything hobby wise but cannot always splurge for the materials, maybe you would enjoy earning more through a website that pays you for small tasks. I mention this because I love to earn money for craft supplies by using sites like Swagbucks, Earning Station and Perk. It is not a ton that I earn every month but sometimes, it is enough to buy some supplies for a project for a baby blanket, a quilt, or hat to give or sell! Sites like these are called Get Paid To sites that pay you to do small tasks like watch videos, do surveys, play games, etc… I have extensive information on my other website about sites like these!

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So, what do you think? Do you use any of these strategies to get yarn on the cheap? I would love to hear! Or, if you use any other ways, I would love to know!

Happy Deal Finding!


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8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Really Cheap Yarn

  1. Where I live, Goodwill has 1/2 price day every other Saturday. I now have SO much yarn. No guarantee you will find any, but when you do…

  2. I look not only at the yarn at my local thrift stores but the knitted and crocheted blankets. I’ve gotten up to $20 worth of yarn for $3 by buying a blanket and frogging it.

  3. What you didn’t mention was It’s a place to give away items that are still in useable condition but that you don’t want or need anymore.
    I’ve gotten a jet printer, a sewing machine, yarn, etc. for free AND everything in good working order!
    You don’t have to post anything, and you can even send out requests for specific items you need.
    It’s local, or as local as you need it to be, and all safety precautions should be taken when trading or receiving.

  4. I’ve started projects and didn’t have enough yarn to finish, so I used eBay to find the matching color that the stores no longer have in stock.

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