How to do Crochet Corner to Corner Stitch and A Free Baby Blanket Pattern

‘Tis the season in my area. Not for Christmas though… for babies! It seems like, in life, things always come in waves. Well, the wave now is babies! I know so many people that are pregnant and due soon. So, I decided to start making some baby blankets. I like to make blankets that are cute, soft, and quick! I love to use bulky yarns on these projects because the blankets work up so quickly… (and I don’t loose interest and give up lol).

Anyways, for my first baby blanket of the season, I decided to try the Bernat Pipsqueak Stripes. I have never really worked with this yarn. And now I wonder why I haven’t! It is sooo soft. Everywhere I brought this project, people wanted to touch it! I went with a corner to corner blanket pattern for this blanket. If you have not used this stitch, I will explain it below. I felt like this would be a great stitch to show off the striping. I love that I didn’t have to change colors!! I also used a large hook for this project: J hook.

Here is how you do the corner to corner stitch. The rows on this stitch are corner to corner. Row one starts on the left bottom corner of the blanket.

  • Chain 4. Dc in second chain from hook and across. (3 stitches) Ch. 6
(Ch. 6)

  • In 4th chain from hook, dc. Dc in each of next 2 dc. Join at the corners with a slip stitch. Ch 3. Do 3 dc in next 3 stitches. ch 6.

(In 4th chain from hook, dc. Dc in each of next 2 dc)

(join at corner with slip stitch)
(Ch. 3)
  • Do 3 dc in next 3 stitches. Ch. 6.
(3 dc in next 3 stitches)
(Ch 6)
  • Dc in 4th ch from hook and next two stitches. Join at corners with slip stitch.
  • Ch 3, do 3 dc in stitch.
  • Join at corners with slip stitch.
  • Ch. 3 Do 3 dc in stitch.
  • Chain 6
  • Continue this pattern, from corner to corner, until the blanket is as wide as you want it to be. You will stop building at corner to corner at this point and fill in the other half of the blanket.
  • To stop building width, do not ch 6, but ch 3 and slip stitch into the corner.
  • Then, continue the pattern. When you get to the other side, join at the corners.
  • Join the chain at the opposite corner.
  • Make your last block, join at the corners, and finish off.

There you go! You can do corner to corner now!

Use this method to make the blanket. I made mine 26 rows wide until I turned back.

Let me know if you try this! I would love to see!

Happy Crocheting!


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  1. Have made your corner to corner baby blanket . It has turned out very well. Thank you. I have taken a picture but couldn’t see how to send it to you.

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