My Review Of Darn Good Yarn’s Wooden Yarn Bowl

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Recently, as part of a collaborative project with Darn Good Yarn, I received a beautiful yarn bowl. I had always wanted a yarn bowl! There are so many amazing ones out there.

What is a Yarn Bowl?

A yarn bowl is a fun accessory for creating your crochet or knitted projects. You know when you are working on a project and the ball keeps rolling off the counter/ table/ couch and onto the floor? A yarn bowl can help with this. It keeps the ball in one place as you crochet or knit. The heaviness of the bowl keeps the yarn in place.

How Does a Yarn Bowl Work?

A yarn bowl has a slit in the side of it. This is where the yarn will pull from when you are working on it. Many yarn bowls are made of wood, or ceramic so they are nice and heavy for holding the yarn in place.

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How to Pick a Great Yarn Bowl

Several factors go into finding a great yarn bowl. Here are some considerations:

  1. A very smooth yarn bowl is best. You don’t want your yarn to catch on it!
  2. You need a nice heavy bowl to hold the yarn in place.
  3. You want a nice slit in the bowl for the yarn to guide out of.
  4. A nice deep bowl is great to keep the yarn from popping out.

My Yarn Bowl

The Yarn Bowl that I have is their Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl. It is made by artisans, in India from Sheesham Wood. The purchase of this product employs women in safe, safe working environments.

From their Website

Dimensions:  2.5″ x 5″ – Will comfortably fit a 3.5 oz/100 gram ball of bulky yarn

Material: 100% Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood)

Made In:  India – With the purchase of each bowl you are providing safe and sustainable employment to over 50 people in India!

This yarn bowl has been perfect for my projects! I can see myself using it for awhile! It fits all the criteria of a great yarn bowl in that it is sturdy, heavy, smooth and deep!

Below I will attach some other yarn bowls for you to view. I hope you find one that you like!

Yarn Bowl YB50

So, what do you think? Do you have a yarn bowl? Would you use one? I would love to know!

Happy Hooking!!


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